Meditation & Aromatherapy

Welcome to Your Emotional Health through Aromatherapy! 

Namaste! I am Satya and I offer private intuitive sessions and mindful meditation techniques through Skype or phone. I then intuitively create an aromatherapy essential oil blend tailored to your individual needs. Promote your emotional health through everyday use of your customized aromatherapy essential oil blend. Essential oils are powerful natural tools that you can use for enhancing your emotional health which contributes to growth and healing throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Satya uses only high quality essential oils and carrier oils.

Satya is offering a special package for these tumultuous times! When you purchase your personalized essential oil blend you will receive Satya's half hour intuitive session for free! An intuitive session with Satya without the purchase of an essential oil blend is a $1.00 per minute.

You Are Love, Love Yourself!

For more information email Satya at
or call her 505-469-1224. 

                  "Everything changes. Everything is connected. Pay attention" 
                                                -Jane Hirshfield, noted poet